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Friday, October 3, 2008

Interview : Deepika Padukone

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With her very first film OM SHANTI OM she has given Dard-e-Disco to millions of hearts. Right now undoubtedly she is the hottest face of Bollywood. Recently we caught up with Deepika Padukone in an exclusive tete-a-tete.

So post OM SHANTI OM producers are running after you with bagful of roles and sackful of moolahs?
Yes I am getting my share of attention and quite a number of roles as well. But I have a long way to go and need to groom myself constantly to meet the expectations of my producers, directors and fans.

Don't you think that your success was assured the moment you signed your first film opposite the box office Badshah Shahrukh Khan?
I am really lucky that every thing fell in place perfectly in my very first step to Bollywood. Of course I will always remain indebted to director Farah Khan and Shahrukh for considering me for the film. But give me some credits as well (laughs).

In what ways have the film OM SHANTI OM affected your private life?
I am still to register all that has happened to me post OM SHANTI OM. The overnight fame, awards, millions of fan mails, interviews being taken, being called the 'Bollywood sensation'...all these is new to me. Despite being the daughter of badminton champ Prakash Padukone, and being a model for quite some time I was not used to so much media exposure and attention.

You too used to play badminton like your father. So why did you suddenly change the stream?
Initially I followed my father's footsteps and started playing badminton. Most people do not know that I even played badminton at the national level. But after sometime I realized that my heart is on modelling. But I never thought of becoming an actor at any point of my life. It was only from my second year in modelling that I started getting film offers. But I was only 18 then and decided not to jump into films till I am serious about it.

You are only 22. Don't you miss doing normal things a girl of your age does?
I moved out of home in Bangalore to work in Mumbai at a tender age. So that naturally has made me a lot more mature than my contemporary girls. But there is a price to be paid for every thing. I do normal things and have a life outside the studios as well.

Your off-screen chemistry with Ranbir Kapoor is the most talked about affair at present. Any comments?
This is the first time I am truly in love and hence we decided not to hide our feelings from public. Being in love is the loveliest of feelings. Besides I am not a person who is frivolous in relationships.

But there were news of your multiple affairs. Even you broke off with Ranbir once before restarting your relationship!
As I told you this is the first time I am in love. Having lunch with someone doesn't mean that I am having an affair with that person. As for Ranbir and my relationship, initially we were good friends. But the media linked us together when we were not even sure of our feelings for each other. Before we could spend enough time together to sort out things we got busy with our debut films and hence parted. It was only during shooting together for a flick BACHNA AE HASEENO in Australia that we got the chance to know each other and fell in love. But there is no baggage from the past, as we never parted bitterly. We started our relationship like two new people.

So when are you getting married?
Not in the next three years, at least.

Kapoor bahus are not allowed to work in films. So if asked will you quit your career for Ranbir?
It depends on the situation. Right now neither Ranbir, nor his family wants me to quit my career. So abhi se sochne ka kya fayda!

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