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Monday, September 8, 2008


"We decided to be open about our relationship and lived to regret it because the more open we were the more our honesty was misconstrued. Our right to privacy was completely disregarded. So we've decided to be less public about our relationship. And...

4 Sep 2008 (20 occurrences)
"I'm going home after three years. It feels really good," said Deepika, who hit the jackpot with her debut film Om Shanti Om.

29 Aug 2008 (15 occurrences)
"I really didn't expect it. I'm really excited. People always used to call me either cute or pretty, but no one ever called me sexy. I take it as a compliment," Deepika said.

13 Aug 2008 (15 occurrences)
When contacted, Deepika said, "I don't know how or why Nikhil Advani thought of a South Indian like me with big eyes to play a Chinese. I play half-Chinese and half-Indian in the film. And to get my eyes to look less big and rounded and more...

28 Aug 2008 India Target (2 occurrences)
In an exclusive interview Deepika said, "I am very happy and I did not expect something like this. I am very happy because this is the first time an Indian is being presented on an international level".

23 Aug 2008 Bollywood Mantra (2 occurrences)
"To be honest, personally I never thought of myself as 'sexy' or 'hot' but if that's the call that people have taken, then I hope I live up to it," she says.

9 Aug 2008 Bollywood Spice (22 occurrences)
"I'm very happy after being voted as the world's sexiest woman as I had never expected this. But I'm happier over the fact that it's the first time that an Indian is being presented on the international platform so I'm very happy," said Deepika.

23 Aug 2008 Times of India (15 occurrences)
But horrified Deepika preferred to consult with her doctor before taking this risky step, "My doctors said if I stick those tapes on my eyes for 12 hours a day, the shape of my eyes would change forever. So, instead, we got my make-up artiste...

1 Sep 2008 Bollywood Mantra (2 occurrences)
"I still can't believe that I have been chosen as the hottest. It feels great to be one of the most sought after, not only in India but also internationally. I really hope I am able to live up to expectations and do justice to this accolade,"...

23 Aug 2008 Times of India (2 occurrences)
During the occasion Deepika Padukone said, "I feel great to be one of the most sought after titles not only in India but also internationally and I sill can't believe that I have been chosen as the hottest among so many deserving candidates. I...

23 Aug 2008 IndiaGlitz (2 occurrences)

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